The development of YORhub began back in 2008, with the establishment of the project team to procure YORbuild, the first of the YORframeworks to be procured. The project team consisted of officers from each of the lead authorities, East Riding of Yorkshire, Leeds City Council, Rotherham Borough Council and Scarborough Borough Council. The process was funded by a grant from the Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (RIEP) and YoHr Space.

YORbuild was successfully launched in December 2009 after the completion of a fully compliant EU tender process, attracting interest from over 400 Contractors. A shortlist of 132 Contractors were selected to tender, resulting in the selection of 42 contractors across the 4 areas of the YORbuild framework.

YORbuild was established with its own governance and management structure. The YORbuild board meets quarterly with representatives from each of the lead authorities overseeing the strategic direction. A Framework Management Team conducts the day-to-day management functions, reporting back to the board.

In addition, YORbuild had dedicated resources to implement and manage the strategies:

  • Economic Regeneration
  • Efficiency
  • Employment and Skills
  • Supply Chain Engagement
  • Sustainability

These strategies were established to provide a wider range of benefits to Local Authorities, Public Sector Bodies and Third Sector organisations procuring through YORbuild.

Following the success of YORbuild and the key strategies, additional YORframeworks have been procured, YORcivil was launched in August 2011 and YORconsult in April 2012. The original YORbuild Management structure was further developed and improved enabling the sharing of resources across the 3 frameworks, generating significant efficiency savings.