Our Team

In addition to the Framework Management Teams responsible for running the YOR frameworks, the wider YORhub Operations Team performs day to day operations including business development, communications and coordination of the frameworks’ strategic themes of Employment & Skills, 4 Good Fund and Waste & Carbon reduction.

  • Steve Baker, Phil Moorcroft, John Wilkinson – Joint Chairs of Operations
  • Fergus Aitken – YORbuild2 Framework Programme Manager
  • Mark Ives – YORcivil2 Framework Programme Manager
  • Chris Jackson - YORconsult2 Framework Programme Manager
  • Dominic Bailey - YORscep lead
  • Matt Stewart - BIM Champion
  • Phil Henderson - Performance, Benchmarking and 4 Good Fund Coordinator
  • David Wilkes – Waste, Carbon & Sustainability Co-ordinator
  • Julie Crawford - Marketing and Communications


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