What is YORhub?

YORhub is the combined management organisation for the three regional YORframeworks: YORbuild, YORcivil and YORconsult. In addition, YORhub will maintain strong links with Efficiency North and its frameworks, EN Procure and Re-allies.

The day-to-day management of the YORframeworks will be carried out by individual Framework Management Teams, comprising officers from the lead authorities. They are responsible for managing call-offs and and reporting performance back to the board (for more details please see the Frameworks section).

In addition to the FMTs, YORhub will also provide a central pool of resources, recruited from the lead authorities, who will assist the Framework Managers to monitor call-offs and implement the key themes of; Economic Regeneration, Efficiency, Employment and Skills, Supply Chain Engagement and Sustainability.

All of the YORframeworks have been procured through fully compliant EU processes and are for the use of Local Authorities, Public Sector Bodies and Third Sector Bodies across the Yorkshire and Humber Region. The principal purpose for the YORframeworks is to provide organisations with access to quality contractors and consultants at competitive prices.

Each framework is structured to compliment the geography and diversity of demand across the region, which covers 15,500km2, with a population of approximately 5 million living in its cities, towns and villages.