YORhub is part of the YORprocure ‘family’ of commercial and procurement groups delivering efficiencies and added value for the public sector in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

YORprocure is the regional commercial and procurement hub, leading a co-ordinated regional approach to procurement, contract management and other specific areas such as commissioning, commercial training etc.  YORprocure and YORhub share common strategic procurement objectives and some cross-group leadership, but are largely autonomous in day to day operations.

YORprocure’s core purpose is to ensure that the Yorkshire and Humber region has a high performing professional procurement capability which delivers tangible value and specifically aims to deliver a significant increase in financial savings.  The group aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement by driving up collaborative procurement between the region’s local authorities and by using collaborative purchasing organisations wherever this approach delivers tangible benefits.


The range of support services developed by YORprocure includes the regional procurement portal YORtender, which replaced the SCMS Supplier Contract Management System on 1 January 2013.