YORbuild2 Overview

YORbuild2 is a Construction Framework which has been developed to provide an efficient and collaborative approach to the procurement of Construction Projects. YORbuild2 can be accessed by Local Authorities, Public Sector Bodies or Third Sector Organisations across the Yorkshire and Humber region, Sheffield LEP area, North East England and Lincolnshire.

Construction is the largest category of spend for Local Authorities within the Yorkshire and the Humber Region. YORbuild2 aims to provide an attractive procurement route for new build, refurbishment and design build Construction Projects for public sector bodies.

The YORbuild2 Framework is one of the largest procurement projects delivered by Local Authorities and was successfully launched in February 2016 following a fully compliant EU Framework Procurement Process.


The framework is due to expire at the end of February 2020 with provision for a two year extension.


Through a collaborative approach YORbuild2 aims to achieve:

  • Efficiency through improved procurement process, implementation of best practice, standardised approaches to design and construction solutions innovation.
  • Improved certainty in terms of time, quality and cost.
  • Continuous performance improvement in a transparent and collaborative environment.
  • Effective engagement with the regional economy via YORbuild2 Framework Contractors.
  • Impact upon Employment and Training programmes via YORbuild2 Framework Contractors.
  • Improve sustainability performance through well planned programmes.
  • Excellent Supply Chain Management built into every project procured via the YORbuild2 Framework.


YORbuild2 regional coverage is shown in the maps below (click to open larger maps):

YB North area map   YB East area map

YB South area map   YB West area map


The YORbuild2 Framework consists of four sub-regional frameworks dealing with all values of construction works. By structuring the YORbuild2 Framework in this way it will ensure that the diverse requirements of regional Local Authorities and other regionally based Public Sector Bodies can be met by competent and performing Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in addition to larger regional and national contractors.

Four regional Local Authorities collaborated as a Project Team to procure the YORbuild2 Framework, each representing one of the Sub-regional frameworks:

  • North Sub-region – Scarborough Borough Council
  • East Sub-region – East Riding of Yorkshire
  • South Sub-region – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
  • West Sub-region – Leeds City Council


The lotting structure consists of five value band lots and two housing lots, and is different in each geographic region in order to deal with the anticipated demand for minor and major works:

YB2 lot structure


For information on the original YORbuild framework which expired in November 2015 please click here.

YORbuild2 Overview