The team that set up the framework comprised experienced procurement, asset management and legal professionals from each of the Contracting Authorities. These Authorities have a number of years previous experience of establishing and managing framework and partnering arrangements. Many of the lessons learnt from previous frameworks have been included. The process included the following:

  • Compliance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2006
  • Rigorous quality checking
  • Consideration of case law relating to Frameworks
  • The tender opening was independently witnessed
  • Firms appointed on the basis of 50% price/ 50% quality

Price assessment based on:

  • Tendered fee %s (overheads and profit)
  • Design on-cost (lots 3, 4, 5 and 7 only)
  • Schedule of rates for Equipment/Plant, Site Accommodation, People

Quality assessment based on:

  • Operations management (People/Programme/H&S/BIM/Contractors Design/Housing best practice)
  • Social responsibility (Employment and skills plan and Method Statement/ Local economy)
  • Sustainability (Carbon reduction)
  • Supply chain management (SCM performance and management)


Organisations wishing to call off any projects via the YORbuild2 framework should satisfy themselves that the framework complies with their standing orders/ constitution.

Four separate OJEU adverts (one for each geographical area) were published on the 30th October 2014, and an amendment to the East area was published on 14th July 2015. All notices can be found on Ted (Tenders Electronic Daily).

Copies of all OJEU notices are available below:

North area (2014-OJS209-369494-en)
East area (2014-OJS209-369522-en)  and amendment (2015-OJS133-244655-en)
South area (2014-OJS209-369511-en)
West area (2014-OJS209-369491-en)

OJEU Notice wording

“A framework agreement for Construction works, including Contractors design when required. The works involved are principally building work and new housing but some civil engineering works may also be included. This framework replaces the original YORbuild Contractors Framework and builds upon its legacy of partnership and collaborative working. It is envisaged that the main users of the framework will be Local Authorities, Emergency Services (Police, Fire and Health services), Educational establishments (Schools, Academies, Universities and Colleges) and Housing Organisations (Housing Associations and Social Landlords)”

Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) codes

  • 45000000 Construction work
  • 45100000 Site preparation work
  • 45200000 Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work
  • 45300000 Building installation work
  • 45400000 Building completion work
  • 45500000 Hire of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment with operator
  • 45211000 Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses
  • 45211100 Construction work for houses
  • 45211200 Sheltered housing construction work
  • 45211300 Houses construction work
  • 45211340 Multi-dwelling buildings construction work
  • 45211341 Flats construction work
  • 71000000 Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

NUTS codes

North Area:


East Area:

Lots 1, 2, 3 & 6 - UKE
Lots 4 & 5 – UKE / UKC / UKF3
Lot 7 – UKE

South Area:

Lots 1, 2, 3 & 6 - UKE / UKF12 / UKF13
Lot 4 – UKE / UKF1

West Area:

Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 - UKE
Lot 5 – UKE / UKF1
Lot 7 – UKE / UKF12 / UKF13