YORcivil2 Overview

YORcivil2 is a construction framework for the procurement of civil engineering contractors to carry out construction works within the civic estate in the Yorkshire and Humber Region. The frameworks have been set up to deliver a wide range of civil engineering works, some building works and include for works by Contractor’s design, in the following sectors:

  • Local Authority
  • General public services
  • Public order and safety
  • Environment
  • Economic and financial affairs (e.g. Regeneration)
  • Health
  • Housing and community amenities
  • Social protection
  • Education
  • Recreation, culture & religion


The YORcivil2 framework consists of two sub-regional frameworks each with separate lots dealing with different types or value of works. By structuring YORcivil2 in this way it ensures that the diverse requirements of regional Local Authorities and other regionally based Public Sector bodies can be met by competent Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in addition to larger regional and national contractors.

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YORcivil2 North and East map

YORcivil2 South and West map


Two regional Local Authorities have collaborated as a project team in the procurement of the YORcivil2 framework each representing one of the sub-regional frameworks:

  • North and East sub-regional framework – East Riding Of Yorkshire Council
  • South and West sub-regional framework – Sheffield City Council


Each area within the YORcivil2 framework agreement has a number of lots based upon project value and discipline. The break down of the lots is listed below.

YORcivil2 Framework Structure
North & East Sub-region
Lot 1 Civil Works up to £0.5m
Lot 2 Civil Works from £0.5m to £4m
Lot 3 Civil Works from £4m to £10m
Lot 4 Civil Works over £10m
Lot 5 Surfacing Works
Lot 6 Coastal Works
South & West Sub-region
Lot 1 South Civil Works up to £0.5m
Lot 2 West Civil Works up to £0.5m
Lot 3 South Civil Works from £0.5m to £4m
Lot 4 West Civil Works from £0.5m to £4m
Lot 5 Civil Works from £4m to £10m
Lot 6 Civil Works over £10m
Lot 7 Surfacing Works
YORcivil2 Overview