YORconsult Overview

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YORconsult is a framework for the procurement of consultancy services, principally for construction related services:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Building
  • Housing
  • Environmental Services
  • Estates Services
  • Local Authority Planning Services
  • Development Management Services

In addition to the areas listed above YORconsult also covers specialist areas such as renewable energy services.

YORconsult provides local authorities and other public sector organisations and registered charities in the Yorkshire & Humber region with access to high quality construction related consultants. Provision is included for the following organisations to access the framework:

  • Central Government Departments and their Agencies,
  • National Health Service Bodies,
  • Local Authorities (including County Councils, Unitary Authorities, District (Borough) Councils, Town Councils and Parish Councils),
  • Registered Social Landlords (including Registered Providers and Housing Associations) and any other category of social landlord,
  • Local Authority regulated companies including Arms Length Management Organisations,
  • Police Authorities,
  • Fire Authorities (including Fire and Rescue Authorities),
  • Educational Establishments (including schools maintained by Local Authorities, Academies, City Technology Colleges, the Learning and Skills Council, Further Education Establishments and Universities), and
  • Registered Charities


YORconsult is structured to complement the geography and diversity of demand across the region. The Yorkshire and Humber region covers some 15,500 square kilometres with a population of approximately 5 million situated in its cities, towns and villages.

YORconsult Framework subregions map

The YORconsult framework consists of two sub-regional frameworks each with separate lots dealing with different types of works. By structuring YORconsult in this way it ensures that the diverse requirements of regional Local Authorities and other regionally based Public Sector bodies can be met by competent Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in addition to larger regional and national contractors.

Two regional Local Authorities have collaborated as a project team in the procurement of the YORconsult framework each representing one of the sub-regional frameworks:

  • East and North sub-regional framework – East Riding Of Yorkshire Council
  • South and West sub-regional framework – Sheffield City Council


Each area of the YORconsult framework consists of 20 lots based upon the different disciplines (listed below) however the North and East area has an additional lot for the provision of Coastal services.

YORconsult Framework Lotting Structure
Lot 1 Civil Engineering Services
Lot 2 Transportation Services
Lot 3 Signals and Lighting Services
Lot 4 Multi Disciplinary Building Service
Lot 5 Architectural Services
Lot 6 Quantity Surveying Services
Lot 7 Structural Engineering Services
Lot 8 Services Engineers: Mechanical Engineering Services
Lot 9 Services Engineers: Electrical Engineering Services
Lot 10 Landscape Architecture Services
Lot 11 Building Surveying Services
Lot 12 CDM Co-ordinator Services
Lot 13 Project Management, Contract Administration and Site Supervision Services
Lot 14 Clerk of Work Services
Lot 15 Specialist Energy Assessment Services
Lot 16 Renewable Energies Services
Lot 17 Asbestos Survey Services
Lot 18 Environmental Services
Lot 19 Estates Professional Services
Lot 20 Local Authority Forward Planning Services and Development Management Services
Lot 21 Coastal Services (East and North Area only)
YORconsult Overview