Nigel Leighton steps down as YORhub Chair

18 May 2017

YORhub wishes to announce that Nigel Leighton has stepped down from his roles as YORhub Board Chair and East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services (ENS).

Nigel acted as YORhub’s Chair from 2012 and brought strong leadership and direction to the team. He had over 35 years experience in the public sector starting as a Building Surveyor but quickly rising to Head of Service of Building. As Director of ENS Nigel had a raft of experience covering not only building services but also civil engineering, housing, leisure and environmental services that he brought to the role of YORhub Chair. At East Riding of Yorkshire Council Nigel was instrumental in introducing modern procurement methods and forms of contract. Under his leadership the five local authorities that manage YORhub have collaborated to develop the original concept of a regional construction framework into the three highly successful frameworks available today. The YORhub team thanks him for the direction he has shown and wishes him well for the future.

Dave Waudby has been appointed to represent East Riding of Yorkshire Council as Nigel’s successor on the Board and the new Chair will be decided at the next Board meeting in July.