Success for Yorkshire and Humber firms as YORconsult2 Consultants Framework Agreement awarded

7 January 2019

Press release

Forty three consultancy firms have been successful in winning a place on the Yorkshire and Humber regional YORconsult2 Consultants Frameworks from the 110 firms that applied.

Yorkshire and Humber firms have proven they deliver both price and quality as these were tested for appointment and 36 of the 43 firms appointed to YORconsult2 have a base in the region.

Twenty of those winning firms are small-and-medium-sized-enterprises (SMEs).

YORconsult2 is a replacement for the very successful YORconsult framework which was launched in 2012 and delivered 327 commissions totalling £78.9million to 40 clients over six years.

It consists of two sub-regional frameworks covering the north and east and south and west regions of Yorkshire and the Humber, led by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Sheffield City Council, respectively.

YORconsult2 is for the procurement of consultants to carry out projects for the Yorkshire and Humber region’s 22 local authorities, other regionally-based public sector bodies and third sector organisations.

YORconsult2 is a collaborative regional construction framework for the provision of consultancy services principally for construction related services.

This includes consultancy services for civil engineering, building, housing and specialist areas such as renewable energy services, but also included is provision of environmental services, estates services, local authority forward planning services and development management services.

YORconsult2 is one of three YORhub frameworks, which also include YORbuild2 for construction works and YORcivil2 for civil engineering and highways works.

One of the major aims of the YORhub frameworks is to ensure that projects completed through the scheme deliver social, economic and environmental benefits.

In particular, the scheme has provided employment and skills opportunities for local people, such as providing jobs to the unemployed and apprenticeships.

The other themes are supply chain management, sustainability, and building information modelling (BIM).

Councillor Symon Fraser, portfolio holder for strategic asset management, housing and environment at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “It is fantastic that this new framework, at its heart, looks to provide real and tangible benefits for local industry.

“Small and medium sized businesses in the Yorkshire and Humber region will benefit financially from YORconsult2 and hundreds of local jobs will be supported.

“The framework will also encourage apprentices and students to develop the skills necessary for a career in construction.

“YORconsult2 is a prime example of the public sector and the private sector working together to benefit everyone and boost the local economy.”

The full list of firms appointed to YORconsult2 is available at