YORhub and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust create guidelines for construction

18 July 2018

YORhub has collaborated with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to produce a series of guidelines aimed at protecting wildlife during construction projects and enhancing the built environment for the benefit of wildlife and people.

The guidelines describe simple measures that can be taken on site to protect birds, bats, hedgehogs and hibernating species, all of which are vulnerable to the effects of construction works. The guidelines also offer advice on planting native wild grassland or meadows in preference to amenity grasses which have low biodiversity value.

The initiative underscores YORhub’s commitment to the added value benefits that can be delivered for clients and the wider community alongside the delivery of construction schemes. YORhub already supports sustainability measures including waste and carbon reduction, and the responsible sourcing of steel. This new publication now offers ways for clients to directly benefit the environment.

Download a copy here.