Keynote and breakout session presentations from the YORhub Conference 2018

Keynote: The legal implications of offsite manufacturing

Julie Morrissy, Clyde & Co.

Keynote: Industry response to Grenfell

Peter Yates, (Grenfell) Industry Response Group

Delivering social value through procurement

John Wilkinson, YORhub Joint Chair of Operations; Philip Henderson, 4 Good Fund; Keith Gilson, Charity Director

Fair payment and lessons from Carillion

Fergus Harradence, BEIS; Mark Ives, YORcivil2 Framework Programme Manager

LGA Effective Construction Frameworks 2018

Steve Baker, YORhub Joint Chair of Operations

NEC vs JCT contracts

Fergus Aitken, YORbuild2 Framework Programme Manager; Chris Bourne, YORbuild2 Framework Manager

Pros and cons of single-stage vs two-stage tendering

Fergus Aitken, YORbuild2 Framework Programme Manager

The benefit to clients in using BIM and Soft landings

Duncan Reed, ThinkBIM; Adam Holmes, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

The work of the National Association of Construction Frameworks

Keith Heard, NACF

YORconsult2 launch

Steve Baker, YORhub Joint Chair of Operations; Chris Jackson, YORconsult Framework Programme Manager