YORhub BIM Offer

  • The YORhub BIM Champion will offer advice to clients on BIM and signpost them to where documents and other information is available that may be of interest.
  • The YORhub framework managers will advise clients on how BIM can be specifically included in call offs, advise on criteria for assessing that available YORhub suppliers in a lot have suitable experience, and provide knowledge to deliver a BIM project with support from the YORhub BIM Champion as required.
  • Additional client support and advice in delivering a BIM project is available upon request.

YORhub BIM Specific Interest Group

A YORhub BIM Specific Interest Group (BSIG) was created in 2015 to provide a forum for all framework partners to gain and share knowledge and best practice, and become a channel of information for all users of the framework. With the appointment of Matt Stewart as the YORhub BIM Champion in January 2016 and the award of YORbuild2 in February 2016 that included many new contractors to YORhub, BSIG was re-established in October 2016 and given a revised agenda that includes providing advice on:

  • BIM in general
  • BIM related processes and procedures
  • Standard templates
  • Setting up and completing templates
  • Software platforms
  • Common Data Environments available to allow project partners to share data including the supply chain
  • Security Protocols
  • 3D Modelling
  • Facilities Management and Government Soft Landings
  • 3D, 4D and 5D Processes
  • Collaboration
  • Clash Detection

In addition BSIG will be organising BIM presentations and workshops to assist people new to BIM.

For more information please contact:

Matthew Stewart, YORhub BIM Champion
email matthew.stewart@rotherham.gov.uk
tel 01709 254097