The current economic climate has placed a greater emphasis on efficiency within the public sector, with public sector bodies experiencing significant budget reductions. YORhub aims to assist public bodies within Yorkshire and Humber by providing access to high quality contractors and consultants through improved procurement methods.

In addition, the improved bargaining power experienced during the procurement process has enabled YORhub to drive down costs. For example, the average fee and prelim costs for YORbuild are 3.7% lower than the previous framework used by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.


Reports commissioned by the National Audit Office and Local Government Task Force have suggested that the use of framework agreements can generate capital expenditure and process efficiencies of up to 10% against the annual framework throughput.

Performance Strategy

YORhub monitors the performance of Project Managers and Contractors/Consultants on every project called off from one of the YORframeworks. Each framework has developed a Performance Strategy which outlines which criteria  will be assessed and how. The aim is to provide 360 degree feedback on performance and assess the project in depth.

The Post Project Review process involves collecting information from the Consultant/Contractor and the Project Manager. The majority of information is collected through questionnaires, completed once a project has finished; however the process is more formal for larger schemes, involving a meeting facilitated by YORhub with a representative from the Consultant/Contractor and the Project Manager, to discuss the project in detail.

The questionnaires used to assess YORbuild and YORcivil Contractor performance, completed by the Project Manager, comprise of 8 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), highlighting issues and areas of strong performance. The data gathered is fed back to the contractors, enabling them to address any training needs or identify areas of good performance and apply those principles to future projects.

In addition to the KPIs, efficiency logs are also maintained on every project, with the aim of identifying areas of good practice. The information contained within these is shared at Framework Contractor events, promoting best practice and efficiency across the different framework areas.

Consultants will be monitored, by the Project Manager, against a number of KPIs depending upon the complexity and duration of the project. The information will be shared with the Consultant, enabling them to learn from the project and improve their performance for future projects.

Information collected by the YORhub Management team is also fed back to the Supply Chain Engagement Programme, enabling them to training opportunities provided to assist Consultants/Contractors to improve performance.

The final part of YORhub’s 360 degree performance measurement is the assessment of Project Manager performance. They are scored against 3 KPIs, with all data collected being shared with the individual in question, highlighting areas for development.