Employment and Skills

Focus on Employment and Skills

Employment and Skills is a key element of the whole ethos of the YOR frameworks, which are designed to deliver not only efficiencies but also tangible opportunities for local people. All of the frameworks have an employment and skills output plan contractually embedded in order to create a supply chain for skills and provide local opportunities for training and apprenticeships.

The Story So Far

Benchmarks for Employment and Skills outputs for typical projects in each lot/value band are introduced at the tender stage of all YOR frameworks. Benchmarking is a key step in the project process. It ensures the clear communication of Employment and Skills requirements and enables open dialogue and active monitoring between client and contractor/consultant.

The benchmarks become a site reality at project specification stage, when they are adjusted to meet the client’s priorities, the type of work, duration, location and time of year etc. and also within the YORconsult framework particularly the type of commission. YORconsult overcomes some of the potential barriers to achieving outputs by having annual targets as well as project specific targets.

Results from YORbuild, YORcivil and YORconsult have been exceptional.

YORbuild was the first regional framework agreement to achieve National Skills Academy Status from CITB and Proskills. This status not only recognised the framework’s achievements but also more deeply embeds employer support and commitment.

YORfuture Shared Apprenticeship Scheme

YORfuture and Futureworks logos

The YORfuture Shared Apprenticeship Scheme is an innovative collaboration between CITB and regional partners, established in response to industry demand, to provide construction contractors with a solution to meeting their training obligations and to maximise opportunities for apprentices. Futureworks (Yorkshire), a Community Interest Company, has been formed specially to manage YORfuture on behalf of CITB, YORhub frameworks and contractors and consultants in the region.

YORfuture is demand led and only employs apprentices in order for them to complete a full level 2 apprenticeship together with the option to complete level 3. The apprentices all attend local providers to complete the technical study and are placed with host contractors in order to complete their experiential learning. YORfuture allows the sector to recruit and employ apprentices where this would be impractical due to specific project factors, but does not replace traditional apprenticeship recruitment.

Combined YORbuild and YORcivil framework results to May 2016

  • 1330 people progressed into employment
  • 3330 CSCS cards issued
  • 1330 NVQs completed
  • 2430 health and safety tests
  • 20540 pupils involved in site visits and workshops
  • 1010 work experience placement weeks provided
  • 10375 apprenticeship weeks created

Employment and Skills Case Studies (click to view and/or download)

For more information please contact Mark Scott, YORhub Employment & Skills Manager

Employment and skills

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Employment and Skills