The role of YORhub

The day-to-day management of the YORframeworks will be carried out by individual Framework Management Teams, comprised of officers from the lead authorities.

In addition to the management role, Framework Managers provide advice to assist member organisations to successfully tender through the framework. Advice can be about:

  • Call-off method
  • Call-off procedures
  • NEC3 contract documentation
  • Key themes

YORhub also provides the FMTs with a central pool of resources to assist them with the management of the key themes which run across each of the YORframeworks.

Key Themes

YORhub has embraced a range of social and added value themes which are heavily represented by each of the three frameworks. The themes are:

  • Economic Regeneration
  • Efficiency
  • Employment and Skills
  • Supply Chain Engagement
  • Sustainability
  • BIM