Supply Chain Engagement Programme – YORscep

The YORbuild SCEP (Supply Chain Engagement Programme) is for any business interested in supplying construction services or goods to the YORbuild Framework ie. contractors, including subcontractors and materials suppliers, consultants and other construction service providers.

SCEP Membership benefits include:

  • notification of new projects 24/7 on the yorhub members’ site
  • exclusive project briefings and Meet the Buyer events in all 4 regions of the YORbuild framework
  • online networking with main contractor buyers
  • online networking with clients and end users
  • breakdown of works packages
  • raising company profile

SCEP Events

The SCEP hosts 4 member only Meet The Buyer events throughout the year at venues in all 4 subregions of the YORbuild framework as specific project opportunities arise.

Sub-Contracting Opportunities

The SCEP provides members with access to the YORbuild demand pipeline and sub-contract packages of work, to enable members to tender for work. Subcontractors in the SCEP have exclusive access to detailed information on upcoming YORbuild projects and opportunities 24/7 which from 16 August 2013 are posted on the YORhub Members’ site by the YORbuild framework’s main contractors.

For more information please email:

supply chain engagement







Supply Chain Engagement Programme – YORscep