Waste and Carbon Reduction

One of the four YORhub strategy themes is focused on the frameworks’ commitment to reduce site waste and carbon. YORbuild and YORcivil have signed up to the Halving Waste to Landfill commitment led by WRAP, as have many of the contractors on the frameworks.

At the end of every project YOR frameworks contractors are required to return the following data:

  • Project name and value
  • Start and end date
  • Waste arising (in tonnes)
  • Waste to landfill (in tonnes)

wrap logoThis data is fed into the WRAP Waste Reporting Portal ( and ultimately into the overall contractor performance statistics, affecting the amount of work a contractor may receive.

YORhub also plans to measure projects’ carbon performance,  considering the viability of measuring and monitoring the locality of spend in relation to the construction project.

Environmental Performance

Contractors’ performance scores include two environmental criteria:

  • The waste arising sent to landfill, with information gathered by the YORhub management team from the WRAP portal and
  • a satisfaction score based upon the contractors attempts to minimise the environmental impact of the project.

Sustainable Steel

YORhub’s call-off contracts offer the option to specify that steel confirms to BES6001 or an equivalent standard.

Wildlife Guidelines

YORhub has collaborated with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to produce a set of guidelines for contractors.


For more information please email David Wilkes – Waste, Carbon & Sustainability Co-ordinator