Note: this section refers to the original YORbuild framework which expired in November 2015 and was replaced by YORbuild2. Please visit the YORbuild2 Benefits page for up to date information.

The main benefits to Authorities procuring work through the YORbuild Framework are:

  • Potential for Capital expenditure and process efficiencies of up to 10% against the annual framework throughput. The basis for the 10% saving is evidenced by the findings and key recommendations of the National Audit Office’s Report “Improving Public Services through better construction” and the Local Government Task Force’s Report “Transforming Local Government Construction – The Power of Framework Agreements”. Also, regional case studies would reflect these levels of efficiencies.
  • Quicker procurement of projects. Under the YORbuild Framework the procurement process will normally take between 1 week and 3 months depending on the selection method adopted.
  • Construction projects linked to the 4 key themes of YORbuild:
    1. Employment and Skills
    2. Sustainability
    3. Economic Regeneration
    4. Supply chain engagement
  • Low cost entry for Authorities to a collaborative and integrated working framework environment.
  • Provision of construction procurement resource that is scarce. Access to experienced framework managers and support in the form of training and robust procedure documents.
  • The diverse requirements of regional Local Authorities and other regionally based Public Sector bodies can be met by competent Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in addition to larger regional and national contractors.
  • Contractors on the Frameworks have been procured in compliance with EU Procurement Regulations and have passed minimum standards for: Equal Opportunities, Health & Safety, Insurance checks and Financial checks.
  • Improved certainty of cost, quality and time.
  • Lower risk procurements to Authorities with “one off” procurements. For larger one off projects there will be a much lower risk of ‘streetwise’ construction firms taking advantage of an infrequent client.
  • Continuous performance improvement measures based upon KPI’s and ongoing management.
  • Excellent partnering and supply chain management arrangements.
    1. The framework is structured around the NEC3 suite of contracts, a contract endorsed by ICE.
    2. Long term relationships – the framework has been set up for a duration of four years commencing December 2009 with a possible 2 year extension.
    3. Option of Pain/Gain arrangements.
    4. Potential for early involvement of key members of the Project Team.