Note: this section refers to the original YORbuild framework which expired in November 2015 and was replaced by YORbuild2. Please visit the YORbuild2 Fees page for up to date information.

In return for the resources invested in the development and management of the YORbuild framework a fee is charged for each project called off.

The access fee is added to the capital cost of the project and then paid by the selected Framework Contractor to YORbuild after the first application for payment has been processed in pursuit of the delivery of the works.

YORbuild has two levels of access fee, A and B, which relate to two distinct levels of service:

  • Service level A normally applies to organisations that are familiar with operating under frameworks/partnering arrangements and require minimum assistance.
  • Service Level B normally applies to organisations who are unfamiliar with operating under frameworks/partnering arrangements and require support beyond the basic service.

Access fees are very competitive, Service level A fees and are listed in the table below. Service Level B Access fees are based upon an hourly rate and will be charged based on work completed and time spent on the project rather than a fee based upon project value.

Service Level A Fee Structure

Project Value/Lot Fixed Fee Sliding %age
Lot 1 £0 – £100k £250 0.65%
Lot 2 £100k – £500k £900 0.47%
Lot 3 £500k – £1m £2,795 0.20%
Lot 4 £1m – £3.5m £3,770 0.17%
Lot 5 £3.5m – £10m £7,832 0.13%
Lot 6 Over £10m £16,283 0.07%

Regular users

Regular users of the framework will benefit from discounted Access fees based upon the number of projects called off the framework agreement as follows:

  • 1st Call-off – 100% fee
  • 2nd Call-off – 90% fee
  • 3rd Call-off – 80 fee

A maximum discount of 50% is available to regular users.