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YORbuild2 (expired)

Our YORbuild2 framework expired in August 2022 and has been replaced by YORbuild3 - the latest generation of YORbuild framework. More information can be found on this website via the main menu, or links below.

If your project was procured under YORbuild2, you can be assured of our continued support. Information regarding framework procurement and contractors appointed to YORbuild2 can still be accessed via the following links or by contacting your Framework Manager, who will be happy to advise you.

Beverley South Relief Rd - Copyright Paul Suret

YORbuild2 contractors

Details of the YORbuild2 lot structure and contractors are available at the link below.

YORbuild2 Contractors
Mercia School exterior

YORbuild2 procurement

Information on the procurement of YORbuild2 including links to OJEU notices are available at the link below.

YORbuild2 Procurement

YORbuild3 - the latest generation of frameworks

Our suite of building frameworks offers a range of options for delivering new build, refurbishment, and design and build construction works, including social housing.

YORbuild3 Minor Works
projects up to £4m and new housing up to 25 units

YORbuild3 Medium Works
projects over £4m up to £10m and new housing over 25 units

YORbuild3 Major Works
projects over £10m