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The contractors on the YORcivil Major Works framework offer high-quality services and great value – they’ve been carefully selected because of it.

This framework has one lot covering a single area. Below you can see which contractors are available on this framework.

Lotting structure

YORcivil Major Works has one lot for the entire framework area. It can be accessed for any civil engineering project with a value in excess of £10m.

The table below shows the number of contractors appointed to the framework.

Lot no. and description No. of contractors
Projects exceeding £10m 8

Framework areas

Click the area to see the contractors available on each lot.

YORcivil Major Works


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  • Name: Mark Ives
  • Job title: Framework Programme Manager
  • Frameworks: YORcivil2, YORcivil Major Works
  • Name: Louisa Yellott
  • Job title: Assistant Framework Manager (South & West)
  • Tel: 07827 977 878