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Free to access

Accessing YORconsult2 is free, although a small charge is recovered directly from the consultants.

As a not-for-profit public sector organisation, YORhub only aims to cover the cost of managing the framework and contribute towards the cost of procuring replacement frameworks.

How to access YORconsult2

Accessing YORconsult2 is easy. Any public sector organisation can enjoy the many benefits it offers by following these six steps:

  1. Contact a YORconsult2 framework manager to discuss your requirements.
  2. Set out the key aspects of your project using theĀ New Project Form.
  3. Agree with the YORconsult2 framework manager on the service that you require.
  4. Execute the Access and Confidentiality Agreement that grants use of the framework from the relevant contracting authority.
  5. Carry out the call-off process to select a YORconsult2 consultant.
  6. Monitor contractor performance.

The YORconsult2 team will work closely with you to deliver strategic initiatives and measure key performance indicators, with debriefs for some larger projects.