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YORcivil3 and YORbuild3

During 2021 YORhub will be procuring replacement YORcivil and YORbuild frameworks for works up to £10m. These will complement the YORcivil and YORbuild Major Works frameworks for works over £10m. The information below is an update on the draft proposals for these frameworks.

Please note that a client consultation exercise is currently underway and responses may amend some of the proposals.

Proposed Lotting Structures

YORbuild3 Medium
Lot 1 Building works over £4m-£10m
Lot 2 New housing over 25 units (traditional or MMC/Off-site)


YORbuild3 Minor
Lot 1 Building works 0-£1m
Lot 2 Building works over £1m-£4m
Lot 3 New housing up to 25 units (traditional or MMC/Off-site)


Lot 1 Civils works 0-£1m
Lot 2 Civils works over £1m-£4m
Lot 3 Civils works over £4m-£10m
Lot 4 Surfacing works up to £10m


Proposed advertisement dates

YORbuild3 Medium – May 2021

YORbuild3 Minor – August 2021

YORcivil3 – September 2021

These will be advertised on the YORtender and Find a Tender portals.

Current framework expiry dates

YORcivil2 initial 4 year duration expires in August 2021. The intention is to take up an option to extend, however as lots are already reaching capacity the intention is that YORcivil3 will operate in parallel with the existing YORcivil2 framework and gradually replace it for new schemes.

YORbuild2 frameworks expire in February 2022.

Headline changes

It is intended that the frameworks will be aligned with the Construction Playbook published by the UK Government in December 2020 and the Value Toolkit by Construction Innovation Hub programmed for an official launch later in 2021. YORhub is a member of the Construction Playbook steering group and currently working with Construction Innovation Hub piloting the Value Toolkit.

In line with the above and to build upon our social value offer the frameworks will place greater emphasis on MMC/off-site solutions, carbon reduction/ net zero target and generally a more enhanced sustainability offer.

All frameworks will make the NEC4 their preferred form of contract, although use of JCT will still be permitted on both YORbuild3 frameworks.

Number of contractors appointed to each lot is likely to be slightly increased to ensure sufficient levels of competition.

Lots in the YORbuild3 frameworks covering the North area will be rationalised into a North West and North East split rather than current four sub-area arrangement.

General Information

These frameworks will be procured in accordance with the open (single stage) procedure of the The Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

Please note that in the run up to and during these procurements no one-to-one meetings will take place with potential bidders to maintain fairness, equal treatment and non-discrimination principles but mid-tender briefings will be held by webinars. These will be announced in due course.

Further information on our current civil engineering and building frameworks can be found on our website and in our User Handbook.