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New panel appointed

We are pleased that a new YOR4Good panel has been formed and the first panel meeting was held on 1st November 2023:


Phil Henderson – YORbuild Programme Manager

Vice Chair

Stefanie Wright – YORcivil Framework Manager

Panel Members – YORhub Framework Contractor Representatives

Julie Steward – Kier Construction (Building & Construction) Ltd

Mike Benn – Octavius Infrastructure Ltd

Bob Mitchell – O&P Construction Services Ltd

Don Stewart – Tilbury Douglas Construction Ltd

YOR4Good Fund Coordinator

Stan Brown – YORbuild Framework Manager


We would like to thank all of the panel members for taking time out of their busy schedules to support YOR4Good.

Funding round to open Feb 2024

The panel approved the proposal for the next round of cash grant funding, which will open for applications on 5th February 2024 and close 31st March 2024. When open, applications to ‘YOR4Good Fund (Feb) 2024’ are to be made via the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Grant Application Portal, Flexigrant.

The total available for YOR4Good Fund (Feb) 2024 is £100,000, and applications of up to £10,000 may be made per project. See the Cash Grant Application Guidance Notes for more information.

New site initiative launched

When the Cash Grant Fund is opened on 5th February 2024, we will also be launching a new initiative, the Site Initiative Application for Resource Support.

Similar to our contractors site initiative scheme, this will enable local community groups to make applications for resources. This initiative is not a means of receiving a cash grant, but intended to take advantage of resources that are available whilst a YORhub framework construction project is on-site nearby.

Contractors will donate resources in the form of labour, materials or plant from their own firm or their supply chain, often known as ‘benefit in kind’.

See Resource Support General Principles for further details.