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YORconsult3 advert published

The Yorkshire & Humber public sector construction hub, YORhub, has just published an advert for YORconsult3, a new framework to deliver construction consultancy services for the regions’ public sector organisations. The framework will cover the Yorkshire and Humber region, North East of England, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire and will replace YORconsult2 which is due to expire in November 2024.

The following table shows the lot structure, lot values and expected number of consultants to be appointed to the framework:

Contractors appointed by area and lot

The following table shows the lot structure, lot values and expected number of consultants to be appointed to the framework:

Lot no. and Title
Total Estimated Value (£m) Consultants Per Lot (Dependent on capacity and capability)
Lot 1: Civil Engineering Services 45 10
Lot 2: Transportation Services 4 8
Lot 3: Multidisciplinary Building Services 45 10
Lot 4: Architectural Services 3 8
Lot 5: Quantity Surveying Services 3 8
Lot 6: Structural Engineering Services 3 8
Lot 7: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services 5 8
Lot 8: Building Surveying Services 4 8
Lot 9: Project Management/ Contract Administration and Site Supervision Services 3 8
Lot 10: Local Authority Forward Planning Services and               Development Management Services 4 8
Lot 11:Coastal Services 4 8
Lot 12: Drainage and Flood Protection Services 29 8


Tenders are to be returned in mid-January 2024 and framework award is expected in the summer of 2024.

YORhub was a member of the Cabinet Office Construction Playbook steering group and the frameworks will be aligned with the Construction Playbook v1.1 published by the UK Government in September 2022 to deliver best practice outcomes.

Key features of YORconsult3 include direct selection and single- or two-stage mini competition call off options, and the use of NEC4 as the preferred form of contract.

The introduction of the new framework builds on the success of the current YORconsult2 frameworks in delivering public sector projects across the Yorkshire and Humber region and neighbouring areas. YORconsult2 has already delivered over 202 consultants projects worth £64m for public sector clients.


Link to tender documents

The tender documents for YORconsult3 may be found on the YORtender portal:

Title: CM170 YORconsult3 Consultants Framework Agreement

About YORhub

YORhub is the collaborative construction procurement hub for the Yorkshire and Humber region, offering a suite of building, civil engineering and consultancy frameworks for the public sector. It is managed by four lead authorities, namely East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Leeds City Council, Sheffield City Council and North Yorkshire Council.

YORhub is a founding member of the National Association of Construction Frameworks which promotes best practice in local government construction procurement.

YORhub represents a leading example of how frameworks can promote regional collaboration and deliver social value through procurement. Embedded into YORhub’s frameworks are a contractual requirement to deliver employment and skills outputs on individual projects which to date has helped over 2,200 people progress into employment; a social value fund that has contributed over £1.25 million to support over 180 community projects; sets carbon and waste reduction targets, and has developed a sustainability initiative with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. It also has a well-established Supply Chain Engagement Programme that provides firms with visibility of framework opportunities.