Economic Regeneration – 4 Good Fund

YORhub aims to support economic regeneration across the Yorkshire and Humber region through its 4 Good Fund. The Fund is part of the frameworks’ integrated management strategy to deliver its core workstreams – employment and skills, social and economic regeneration and environment and sustainability.

What is the 4 Good Fund?

4 Good Fund Flyer

The 4 Good Fund pot is made up from contributions from YORbuild2 and YORcivil frameworks’ contractors. During the frameworks tender process prospective contractors were required to demonstrate activities and projects they’d participated in which brought about social and economic benefit and were evaluated on their responses. Applying this approach has resulted in frameworks populated by contractors who understand the concepts behind social economic regeneration and can also contribute to the strategies which lead to its successful delivery.


Click on the headings below to find out which projects have previously been awarded grants from the 4 Good Fund:

Projects funded in 2015

Projects funded in 2014

Projects funded in 2013

Who can apply?

The YORhub 4 Good Fund has been created to support projects which are of benefit to local communities within the Yorkshire and Humber area. Applications must be sponsored by users of, or contractors appointed to, the YOR frameworks. To qualify for funding, projects must be located within the communities of organisations using YOR frameworks. A full list of these organisations is included in the guidance notes document.

Previous recipients from the 4 Good Fund are still eligible to submit applications in subsequent application rounds, however these may receive a lower priority with the aim of ensuring that the grant funding is distributed evenly.

Applications must be for projects within the area covered by the YOR frameworks, YORbuild2, YORcivil and YORconsult.

What is the maximum grant awarded?

The maximum amount that can be applied for is £10,000 per project. Only 1 application can be made per project per year.

How do I apply?

Please email Philip Henderson, YORhub Performance, Benchmarking and 4 Good Fund Coordinator, for an application pack.

When can I apply?

A proportion of the funding pot is available for applications submitted at any time throughout the year. An annual campaign also allocates funds according to the following schedule:

Dates 2016
Date for Applications September
Applications Assessed October
Panel Decision and Notification November

The 4 Good Fund Panel

The 4 Good Fund Panel is the scrutiny and approval body which evaluates all applications to the 4 Good Fund and works to agreed terms of reference. The Panel includes contractors appointed to the YORbuild2 and YORcivil frameworks.

Contractors represented on the YORhub 4 Good Fund Panel in 2016 are:

  • Jon Haran – Clugston
  • Martin Armitage – Galliford Try
  • Jason Hallas – Willmott Dixon
  • Celeste Armitage – Esh
  • Dan Marshall - Tarmac
  • Glenn Smurthwaite – PBS Construction

Further Information

If you require any further information about the 4 Good Fund please contact Philip Henderson, YORhub Performance, Benchmarking and 4 Good Fund Coordinator.

Economic Regeneration – 4 Good Fund