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Why it matters

Construction activity is one of the largest contributors to landfill waste and carbon emissions.

YORhub is focused on reducing site waste and carbon.

Waste and carbon reduction

Our frameworks aim to produce less than four tonnes of waste per £100k, of which no more than two tonnes of waste per £100k are to be sent to landfill.

Key performance indicators are generated for each project and contractors are required to return the following necessary data:

  • Project name and value
  • Start and end date of the project
  • Waste arising (tonnes)
  • Waste to landfill (tonnes)

YORhub has successfully trialled a carbon KPI that measured carbon reduction performance on a number of sample projects.

We’re planning to embed this into our frameworks in the near future.

The locality of spend in relation to the construction project is also measured and monitored.

Contact our Sustainability Manager

  • Name: Mike Raven
  • Job title: YORhub Sustainability and Digital Lead
  • Tel: 07790 957583