Procurement made simple

We're proud to help the public sector deliver quality construction projects. Our work is great for Yorkshire and the Humber, supporting businesses and economic regeneration.

YORhub is managed by officers from the five lead authorities involved in our frameworks, but our members include various other public sector organisations, too.

First-hand knowledge

As a public sector organisation ourself, we know the challenges you face when it comes to construction procurement.

Our friendly framework managers are on hand to discuss your requirements and help you get what you need.

Meet our team

  • Name: Chris Jackson
  • Job title: YORconsult2 Framework Programme Manager; YORcivil2 Framework Manager
  • Frameworks: YORconsult2, YORcivil2
  • Tel: 0114 2736230
  • Name: Fergus Aitken
  • Job title: YORbuild2 Framework Programme Manager
  • Frameworks: YORbuild2
  • Tel: 01482 395667
  • Name: Chris Bourne
  • Job title: YORbuild2 Framework Manager
  • Frameworks: YORbuild2
  • Tel: 01723 232447
  • Name: Mark Ives
  • Job title: YORcivil2 Framework Programme Manager
  • Frameworks: YORcivil2
  • Tel: 01482 395 668
  • Name: Philip Henderson
  • Job title: YORconsult2 Assistant framework Manager; Performance Manager
  • Frameworks: YORconsult2
  • Tel: 01482 395669
  • Name: Roy Ibbotson
  • Job title: YORconsult2 Framework Manager
  • Frameworks: YORconsult2
  • Tel: 01482 395 670
  • Name: Stan Brown
  • Job title: YORbuild2 Assistant Framework Manager
  • Frameworks: YORbuild2
  • Tel: 01482 395662

Our Mission

Our mission is to use collaborative construction to maximise social value benefits and deliver best value.

Arts for Minds

Experience counts

YORhub dates back to 2008, with our first ever framework launching a year later and attracting interest from more than 400 contractors.

We’ve grown in the decade since, but our frameworks still help deliver economic regeneration, efficiency, employment and skills, supply chain engagement and sustainability.