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Procurement Team

You can rely on YORcivil3.

The framework was set up by a team made up of procurement, asset management and legal professionals from both of the contracting authorities on the framework.

These authorities have years of experience of establishing and managing frameworks and partnering arrangements.

Procurement process

Lessons learned from previous frameworks helped inform YORcivil3. Its creation included:

  • Compliance with The Public Contracts Regulations 2015
  • Rigorous quality checking
  • Consideration of case law relating to frameworks
  • The independent witnessing of tender opening
  • Firms appointed on the basis of 40% price, 50% quality, 10% social value

Price assessment based on:

  • Tendered fee percentages (overheads and profit)
  • Design on-cost
  • Schedule of rates for equipment/plant, site accommodation, people

Quality assessment based on:

  • Contract/Pricing (Call off process and Contract Compliance)
  • Social and Environmental Value (support of YOR4GOOD Fund/Environment measures/Employment and Skills)
  • Supply Chain (Selection/Engagement and Performance)
  • Framework Management/Development (Operation and Collaboration)
  • Contractor Design (how the contractor will work with Clients when design is required)


Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) codes

  • 45000000 Construction work
  • 45100000 Site preparation work
  • 45200000 Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work
  • 45300000 Building installation work
  • 45400000 Building completion work
  • 71000000 Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services



NUTS codes

North and East Area:

  • Lots 1 to 3 – UKE
  • Lot 4 – UKE and UKF

South and West Area:

  • Lots 1 to 3 – UKE and UKF