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construction procurement conference

The Local Government Association's annual construction procurement conference

The National Construction Conference from the LGA will explore the developing role of the procurement professional in challenging times for local government.

Highlighting new ways of addressing established challenges for authorities, the event will explore how local government can more effectively procure projects to deliver value for money and add social value despite funding pressures.

London: 4th February 2020

The seventh National construction conference

Local government spends approximately £18 billion every year on capital programs including construction and infrastructure, but councils have been under increasing pressure to deliver projects more quickly and for lower cost

A great opportunity to network with peers and participate in a variety of activities

The event includes plenary, panel and workshop sessions which aim to deliver:

  • An increased contribution from the sector in shaping and delivering quality assured services
  • Increased confidence that local government is part of the right conversations and taking real action to capture and disseminate lessons learned to the sector

The Local Government Association is the national membership body for local authorities, working on behalf of member councils to support, promote and improve local government. The LGA provides a range of practical support, on a free of charge and/or subsidised basis, to enable local authorities to exploit the opportunities that this approach to improvement provides.

Brough relief road

The conference is free to all councils

For more information and to book a place at the conference, follow the link below

Event page