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East Riding of Yorkshire Council


Esh Construction Limited



Structural reinforcement to Bridlington harbour has renewed a once vulnerable pier

The exisitng pier, affected by storms in recent years, has been bolstered by 200 meters of contiguous steel piling and a concrete capping beam

The foundation, built on loose rocks and the natural boulder clay, has been reinforced by the work and thus extended the life and protective qualities of the pier and sea wall

Work took place within tight tidal windows

When piling from barges, piles have need to be longer to pile below the water with impact hammers. Piling from the beach allowed the use of piles of the final length, thus saving about 20% on material costs which were passed on to the client

Rock excavated from pile trenches was re-introduced into the scheme as protection to the face of piles, recycling valuable materials and further reducing the cost for East Riding of Yorkshire Council

To drive machinery to the site, existing timber ‘break water’ barriers were removed in order to gain access. Once the works were completed, the barriers were reinstalled with steel brackets to reinforce the timbers

Two different pile hammers were used due to vibration constraints, but only one piling machine, modified to handle both hammers, was used. This allowed one method to be used adjacent to the pier at the lowest tidal limit but changing to the other piling hammer to use further along the promenade where the beach was higher as the tide came in

Disruption to the community was limited by reducing the risk of collapse with impact piling hammers and monitoring vibration levels to ensure risks were being minimized

This contract allowed for strengthening the failing seawall foundations at a central location on the Bridlington frontage, despite difficult tidal access problems and poor weather conditions the construction was still completed on time and to budget

Neil McLachlan, East Riding Yorkshire Council