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YORcivil2 helps local authorities and other public and third sector organisations procure high-quality civil engineering services.

The framework is due to expire at the end of August 2021 with the potential for a two year extension.


YORcivil2 can deliver a wide range of civil engineering works, some building works, and includes for works by contractors’ design.

The framework can be used in a variety of sectors:

• Local authority
• General public services
• Public order and safety
• Environment
• Economic and financial affairs (e.g. regeneration)
• Health
• Housing and community amenities
• Social protection
• Education
• Recreation, culture and religion

£376m Value of projects awarded

246 No. projects awarded

8.5/10 Average client satisfaction

Accessing YORcivil2

Accessing the framework couldn’t be simpler. It’s open to any public sector organisation in the region too.

Accessing YORcivil2

Lot structure

YORcivil2 was designed to help all types of local authorities and public sector bodies within the region.

The framework consists of two sub-regional frameworks, each with separate lots that deal with different types or values of work.

It features both small and medium enterprises and larger regional and national contractors.

Find a contractor

Contact a YORcivil2 framework manager

  • Name: Mark Ives
  • Job title: Framework Programme Manager
  • Frameworks: YORcivil2, YORcivil Major Works
  • Name: Louisa Yellott
  • Job title: Assistant Framework Manager (South & West)
  • Tel: 07827 977 878