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The consultants on the YORconsult2 framework offer high-quality services and great value – they’ve been carefully selected because of it.

See the table below to determine which lot fits your project, then look at your area below to see which consultants are available.

Lotting structure

YORconsult2’s lotting structure is tailored to its two geographic areas. Both the North and East sub-region and the South and West sub-region feature nine core lots. In addition, the South and West region has a further six lots (lots 10 to 15) which also cover the North and East area, and North and East has an additional lot for coastal services.

The table below shows the number of consultants appointed to each lot.

Lot no. and description Consultants per lot
North & East South & West
Lot 1: Civil Engineering Services 8 10
Lot 2: Transportation Services 8 8
Lot 3: Multidisciplinary Building Services 8 10
Lot 4: Architectural Services 8 8
Lot 5: Quantity Surveying Services 8 8
Lot 6: Structural Engineering Services 8 8
Lot 7: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services 8 8
Lot 8: Building Surveying Services 8 8
Lot 9: Project Management/ Contract Administration and Site Supervision Services 4 4
Lot 10: Renewable Energy Services * 4
Lot 11: Asbestos Surveys Services * 2
Lot 12: Environmental Services * 8
Lot 13: Estates Professional Services * 1
Lot 14: LA Forward Planning Services * 6
Lot 15: Archaeology services * 1
Lot 16: Coastal Services 4 N/A

* Available through the South and West area framework

Framework areas and consultants

Click on an area to see the consultants available on each lot.

North and East

South and West


Not sure which area or lot is right for your project? Get in touch.

Contact us

  • Name: Louisa Yellott
  • Job title: Assistant Framework Manager (South & West)
  • Tel: 07827 977 878
  • Name: Philip Henderson
  • Job title: Assistant Framework Manager (North & East)
  • Name: Claire White
  • Job title: Assistant Framework Manager (North & East)