YORconsult2 helps local authorities and other public and third sector organisations find high-quality consultancy services related to construction.

The framework is due to expire in November 2024.


• Features high-quality construction consultants

• 16 lots based on a range of disciplines

• Managed by a dedicated team of framework managers

• Covers Yorkshire and the Humber, the Northeast, Lincolnshire and parts of the Midlands

£95m Value of projects awarded

350 No. projects awarded

8.5/10 Average client satisfaction

Sheffield Hallam

Accessing YORconsult2

It’s easy. Any public sector organisation can access the framework – just contact a YORconsult2 framework manager to discuss your requirements.

The YORconsult2 team will work closely with you to deliver strategic initiatives and measure key performance indicators, with debriefs for some larger projects.

Accessing YORconsult2

Lot structure

YORconsult2 was designed with the Yorkshire and Humber region’s geography and diversity in mind, but it covers the north east, Lincolnshire and parts of the midlands, too.

Individual consultancy services are split into 16 lots, some of which are only available in certain sub-regions.

Find a consultant

Contact the YORconsult2 team

  • Name: Chris Jackson
  • Job title: YORconsult2 Framework Programme Manager; YORcivil2 Framework Manager
  • Frameworks: YORconsult2, YORcivil2
  • Tel: 0114 2736230
  • Name: Roy Ibbotson
  • Job title: YORconsult2 Framework Manager
  • Frameworks: YORconsult2
  • Tel: 01482 395 670
  • Name: Philip Henderson
  • Job title: YORconsult2 Assistant framework Manager; Performance Manager
  • Frameworks: YORconsult2
  • Tel: 01482 395669