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East Riding of Yorkshire Council


C. R. Reynolds Limited



Helping to protect 14,000 homes

The wall forms a part of a wider flood defence scheme along the north bank of the river Humber.

The glass wall is strength tested and is designed to defend against 1 in 200 year strength storms until 2066.

Hull and Holderness Flood Alleviation Scheme

A two phase project that will protect 14,000 homes from flooding

Phase 1 comprises five tidal defence elements, one of which is the glass barrier at Paull.

This is bolstered by the phase 2 inland protection element.

Resilient protection until 2066

The 1.1 metre high wall has raised the total tidal defence level to 6.8 metres above sea level. The glass wall is 520 metres long and this is the longest glass tidal defence structure in the UK.

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