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Suhaib Arogundade

Research into Carbon Reduction

YORhub is working in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University School of Built Environment, Engineering & Computing to sponsor two PhD students in their research which will benefit the construction industry. In this article we feature Suhaib Arogundade who is researching methods for carbon reduction and is supervised at YORhub by Mike Raven, Sustainability Manager.

Research to produce a carbon management protocol

The construction industry has been identified has one of the highest emitters of carbon globally and within the UK, and embodied carbon emissions from new construction specifically have been pinpointed to continue to increase into the future as the world keeps on erecting new infrastructure.

What is more challenging is the process of capturing and driving the reduction of these carbon emissions during construction activity especially due to the fragmented nature of construction processes. Suhaib will be working with YORhub and its stakeholders, especially contractors, in developing a fit-for-purpose carbon management protocol that can drive carbon reduction during the construction process and serve as a carbon performance tool for contractors by utilising the principle of performance measurement system and grounded theory.

The doctoral study will identify strategies that are currently working within the industry in minimising construction-related carbon emissions, investigate what is hindering its wider adoption and build upon that knowledge in creating a unified metric (key performance indicators) to guide and nudge contractors in implementing carbon reduction practices during the construction process.

I consider this opportunity of working with both the public and private sectors simultaneously - made possible by YORhub - a rare one as I research into creating a much-needed solution for the built environment that will shape how contractors manage and operate construction sites as the world races towards net zero carbon building.

Suhaib Arogundade, PhD student

About Suhaib

Suhaib has an MSc (Eng) degree (with Distinction) in Environmental Engineering and Project Management from the University of Leeds and a BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering from Nigeria, graduating with a first-class grade. Suhaib is a 2019/20 UK government Commonwealth Scholar and a proud alumnus of AIESEC.

Suhaib has almost a decade’s experience working in different sectors ranging from academia, waste management, to oil and gas both in Africa and the Middle East. Prior to that, he had a short stint with Julius Berger Nigeria as an intern and so far in his career, he has successfully handled multi-billion pounds worth of projects and attracted about £100k of grants and scholarships.

He loves adventure and has a goal of visiting 40 countries before he turns 40.