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Leeds Beckett University


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CCAT, Leeds Beckett University

A cutting edge sports education facility

Galliford Try have completed the new Carnegie School of Sport building for Leeds Beckett University, creating a state of the art, industry leading facility for students, regional sports teams and professional athletes, supported by cutting edge sports research facilities and technology.

The venue houses a number of outstanding teaching facilities plus networking spaces for students, staff and visitors.

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CCAT, Leeds Beckett University

State of the art facilities

The new £29.3m building includes research laboratories, hypoxic laboratory, health and wellbeing studio, an indoor rooftop sprint track for performance training and analysis, a roof walking track and terrace, enhanced strength and conditioning space and changing and recovery facilities. A key design feature of the impressive building is the red cantilevered running track, positioned juxtaposed to the main building.

CCAT, Leeds Beckett University

Networking and social spaces

In addition to the impressive research and performance spaces, there are hives of networking spaces for students, staff and visitors, a health focussed café, informal teaching space and learning support that will foster inter-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Carnegie School of Sport

Community benefits

The wider community benefitted from the scheme via extensive engagement. Galliford Try delivered 36 workshops locally to education, against a target of 5, to students from primary schools through to those studying engineering and construction management at the university. They also welcomed over 100 visitors to site and hosted over 150 days of work experience and summer placement. Long term impacts were made by providing 6 people with paid employment, who had previously been unemployed.

Demonstrating their commitment to young people and addressing the widening skills gap in construction, Galliford Try almost doubled their target of 60 apprentice weeks, achieving 115 weeks. This was further strengthened by providing 2 new apprenticeship starts during the duration of the project.

The social return on investment for this scheme exceeds £14million, demonstrating Galliford Try’s overall commitment to social and economical regeneration.

£14m social return on investment

150 days work experience

115 apprentice weeks


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