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People at YORscep event Goole

Around 140 construction-related  businesses from across the Yorkshire and Humber region recently attended our Meet The Buyer event in Goole, East Riding.

The event was an opportunity for subcontractors and suppliers to meet YORhub’s building and civil engineering main contractors. Attendees were able to find out how to join our contractors’ supply chains, find out more about YORscep, our supply chain engagement programme, and meet members of the YORhub team.

YORbuild and YORcivil contractors

Twenty-six main contractors from YORbuild and YORcivil exhibited at the event, as well as The Supply Chain Network which provides support for SMEs in the East Riding.


Showcasing Goole

East Riding Leisure Goole was chosen as the venue for the Meet The Buyer to highlight the town’s success in securing funding for the Goole Town Deal. The Leisure Centre is due to be refurbished as part of that programme with works expected to be procured through YORbuild3.