East Riding of Yorkshire Council


PBS Construction (North East) Limited



Glews Garage Roundabout

This project involved altering the existing road layout from a staggered crossroads to a roundabout, including a new additional junction.

Improved road safety was a priority due to there being 19 casulaties here over the last 5 years (mainly at road junction locations).

Businesses to the south include a filling station, car dealership, hotel and 24 hour McDonalds, all of which generate a considerable throughput of traffic. All had restricted access/ egress which created congestion. The new roundabout provides a significant improvement to the traffic flow, an additional stub was incorporated to allow future access to this parcel of land to allow for future development.

Early works

Early works included the construction of new embankments to allow Statutory Undertakers to start their diversion works as all of the main providers (gas, electricity, water and telecoms) needed diverting.

Work initially focused on the northern section, once this was complete traffic was ‘moved over’ to allow the construction of the southern section.

Due to the high volumes of traffic and the close proximity to the motorway, 2-way traffic flow was maintained between the hours of 7am and 7pm to minimise disruption. Access and egress was also maintained to all businesses at all times.