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New panel and funding options

The launch of YORbuild3 and imminent expiry of YORcivil2 have offered an ideal opportunity to review the structure of YOR4Good, a core theme of the frameworks. The fund has been operating for over ten years, and the launch of these significant new frameworks has prompted a review of the YOR4Good procedures and introduction of improvements to make it easier to operate and simpler for organisations to access.

The YOR4Good panel has now been disbanded and we thank all panel members for their valuable contribution to the success of the fund to date.

Invitations have recently been issued to the YORcivil Major Works and YORbuild3 framework contractors to express interest in being represented on the new panel. In addition, Phil Henderson has been appointed as the panel Chair following the retirement of Fergus Aitken who previously filled the role.

Three routes to funding

There are now three methods by which YOR4Good funding may be awarded – cash grants and two forms of benefit in kind.

Cash Grants

The Cash Grant Fund is accumulated from cash contributions made when framework contractors choose to make a cash payment to support their social value commitment.

When sufficient funds are available, submissions for funding requests will be invited from community organisations. Bids may be submitted for cash donations of up to £10,000* to support small scale projects that will benefit local communities within the YORhub region. YORhub aims to invite cash funding applications by the end of summer 2023.

Site Initiatives

Site initiatives are a means of delivering small scale community projects, utilising resources donated by a YORbuild3 or YORcivil framework contractor. Site initiatives benefit from resources being utilised nearby to deliver a YORhub project; they do not provide a cash grant. Contractors or their suppliers donate resources in the form of labour, materials or plant, referred to as ‘benefit in kind’.

The maximum equivalent value of benefit in kind resource support is £10,000*. This can be a very efficient way of delivering a community project as resources are often on hand and the project can take advantage of the contractor’s economies of scale, savings in mobilisation costs or surplus resources.

Site Initiative option A

Whilst YORcivil or YORbuild framework contractors are engaged on construction projects, they identify and apply to support a local community project that will benefit communities in the YORhub region.

Site Initiative option B

Community organisations apply prospectively for benefits in kind support. Successful applications are matched by the YOR4Good Fund Coordinator with contractors looking to support a suitable project whilst delivering a framework project. The YOR4Good Coordinators cannot guarantee that a successful application will be matched, however this method does offer the advantage of projects potentially receiving support outside the funding window for cash grants.

*Fund limit

The limit of funding available for site initiatives and cash grants is £10,000 other than exceptional circumstances. For exceptional projects, e.g. where there are expected to be excellent social value outcomes that could not be achieved without additional support, funding up to a maximum of £20,000 may be awarded.


For further information on the YOR4Good Fund, please contact Stan Brown by emailing [email protected].