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Construction Industry Update - Covid-19 Government Advice

At YORhub we are committed to following the latest government advice on the impacts of COVID-19 on construction. As a public sector organisation we are acutely aware of the extra issues and stresses that COVID-19 is placing on construction activities. We are also aware of the impact any advice/ guidance will have on our communities. Construction activities are often at the heart of communities. The presence of workers, transportation of materials etc may cause friction with those communities and therefore any decisions to carry on with construction activities needs to be taken locally, in-line with government and Public Health England advice. With that in mind we wanted to share the latest guidance and encourage all those involved in gonstruction activities to follow this advice.

The Department for Transport have released a short guidance note summarising the considerations which should be taken before determining whether to continue or halt construction activities. It also contains links to the latest government and industry guidance to assist you in making those decisions locally. Whilst it might be tempting to automatically close all sites, it is worth carefully considering the specific circumstances applying to each site and holding discussions with your employers, suppliers and supply chain to determine whether appropriate measures can be put in place the enable sites to continue operating.

Construction sector guidance – COVID19 response

We will continue to monitor government advice and provide updates as guidance is updated to reflect the evolving situation in the country.

If you have any concerns or issues you’d like to discuss, you can find contact details for our framework managers below.

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