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Construction Playbook

Guidance for delivery of public sector works

Government published the Construction Playbook on 8 December 2020 that, as commented by the  Construction Leadership Council  “aims to embed a new approach to the procurement and delivery of construction projects and programmes which is more collaborative, engages the whole supply chain, encourages investment in innovation and skills”.

YORhub has been closely involved with this work with Steve Baker, Joint Chair of Operations, being a member of the Construction Playbook Steering Group.

At the latest Steering Group meeting this week, the next areas of work were discussed including training for industry and public sector organisations.  Included in the Playbook recommendations for delivery of the 14 policies/ actions are the use of frameworks as “an efficient method for government to procure public works, goods and services and can provide an opportunity for contracting authorities to access economies of scale’ and that  ‘Project Bank Accounts are not always suitable, but should be used unless there are compelling reasons not to”.

We will keep you updated in future newsletters of Construction Playbook developments and how its actions are being rolled out.