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The construction industry appears to be heading towards a turning point in relation to the use of MMC/ off-site solutions in terms of a desire for greater diffusion. There can be many benefits to MMC such as faster build process, reduced carbon, improved health & safety and less waste. To maximise these and other benefits requires a different approach such as the need for early design decisions and adequate lead in times.

Whilst MMC is best suited to repetitive build types like schools, housing and hotels where modular systems and pod assemblies can be readily applied, it can also be well suited to other forms of construction using panelised systems (or a combination of modules and panels).

The new YORbuild Major Works framework was set up with the delivery of MMC projects in mind:

  • MMC experience was assessed as part of the procurement process
  • A recent survey of the capabilities of our eight YORbuild Major Works firms confirmed the following:
    • 5 of the 8 framework firms consider themselves to be market leaders when it comes to volumetric construction
    • some firms are currently delivering new schools predominantly using MMC methods (i.e. comprising 70-90% pre-manufactured value, depending on MMC method) and can apply the techniques being used to other build projects/ types.
    • in the next 12 months most firms confirmed that they anticipate using some form of off-site construction on 75% or more of their projects
    • all firms are investing in MMC
    • most firms have in-house MMC capacity and capability
    • all firms have established partnership agreements with MMC manufacturers
  • We are currently sponsoring an MMC PhD student in partnership with Leeds Beckett University


Contact the YORbuild team

If you are considering the use of MMC/off-site solutions on a major project (valued at over £10m) please get in touch with any of our team using the contact details below, ideally at an early stage of your project.

Upon receipt of your enquiry and without any commitment on your part we will ask for some initial project details and will share these with our framework firms to gauge interest in your project. This will give a good indication of whether an MMC solution is the right one for your project.

  • Name: Fergus Aitken
  • Job title: Framework Programme Manager
  • Frameworks: YORbuild2, YORbuild Major Works
  • Tel: 07917 231548
  • Name: Chris Bourne
  • Job title: Framework Manager (North area)
  • Frameworks: YORbuild2, YORbuild Major Works
  • Name: Dominic Bailey
  • Job title: Framework Manager (West area)
  • Frameworks: YORbuild2, YORbuild Major Works
  • Tel: 07891 275216
  • Name: Michael Mullins
  • Job title: Framework Manager (South area)
  • Frameworks: YORbuild2, YORbuild Major Works
  • Tel: 01709 254113
  • Name: Stan Brown
  • Job title: Framework Manager (East and South)
  • Frameworks: YORbuild2, YORbuild Major Works
  • Tel: 07541 729994