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YORhub is delighted to be working with the National Association of Construction Frameworks and the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction on the implementation of the recently launched Carbon Reduction Code for the Built Environment.

To this end, YORhub’s Sustainability Manager, Mike Raven, is working on the implementation of the code within YORhub’s newest frameworks to ensure that YORhub remains at the forefront of carbon reduction in construction procurement.

Mike is also mentoring Suhaib Arogundade, a YORhub-sponsored PhD student, who is developing methods for carbon reduction and who is also closely involved in working with both the Cambridge Centre and the NACF.

Mike said, “Carbon reduction was top of the agenda at COP26 with their ambitious goal of securing global net zero by mid-century. The construction sector has huge potential to massively support this goal and by using an NACF framework such as those provided by YORhub it’s a great way for local public sector organisations, many of which have recognised the global impact of carbon by declaring a climate emergency, to do their bit.”