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Carbon PhD student launches YouTube channel

In his second year of a PhD at Leeds Beckett University School of Built Environment, Engineering & Computing, YORhub-sponsored Suhaib Arogundade has launched Construction Carbon Talk, a live discussion channel on YouTube.

With construction identified as one of the highest emitters of carbon within the UK and globally – and embodied carbon emissions from new construction specifically continuing to increase – the pressure is on to address the growing challenges facing the industry.

A platform for collaboration

Suhaib explains how the idea for the channel came about:

“There is a need to unite all stakeholders – contractors, clients, consultants, policy-makers, researchers, professional institutions – within the construction industry to have a united front in tackling the growing challenges being posed by the sector to the globe. I guess it is no longer news that half of the entire carbon footprint of new construction between 2017 and 2050 will be embodied carbon according to the UN Environment and International Energy Agency report in 2017.

I am aware a lot of effort and resources are being invested, great strides have been made, but this is happening in silos. Hence, I thought there should be an avenue to bring stakeholders together to share innovative ideas, shed light on efforts being made in each area of the construction business, share best practices and ultimately influence policy making, knowledge management, and advance collaboration in tackling construction carbon.

To do this, the idea of Construction Carbon Talk emerged. Construction Carbon Talk will be a monthly live show hosted on YouTube where I will be having industry experts and students join me to discuss burning issues surrounding efforts in decarbonising construction projects. By doing this, it is my hope that new and strong collaboration will emerge amongst stakeholders, knowledge gaps will be quickly identified and it will promote shared learning across the industry, both within the UK and internationally.”

Channel launched on May 6th

Screen grab of Construction talk on YouTube

The first show was live streamed on May 6th with support from industry representatives from Willmott Dixon, NACF, Leeds Beckett University and YORhub.

Construction Carbon Talk can also be found on Twitter (@ccarbontalk), Instagram (constructioncarbontalk) and LinkedIn (Construction Carbon Talk).

Anyone wishing to get in touch with Suhaib can email him on [email protected]