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High Street Centre

Supporting local communities

YORhub’s YOR4Good fund provides grants of up to £10,000 to support economic regeneration via local community projects. It is funded by donations of cash or benefits in kind from contractors and consultants when they’re awarded projects through our frameworks.

Two recent beneficiaries describe their projects and the benefits they have brought to their communities.

Reception Development Project, The High Street Centre, Rawmarsh, Rotherham

The aim of The High Street Centre is to improve the quality of life for people in Rawmarsh and the surrounding area in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, by improving access to activities to reduce isolation, increase friendships and wellbeing.

The centre is used by 53 groups who provide services for local people and a wide range of social, health and educational opportunities which includes Salsa, Tai Chi, Judo, Salsa, Little Messi classes, line dancing, exercise for those who are recovering from serious illness and falls, leisure group, toddler groups, groups for children with additional needs, afterschool childcare and much more.

The High Street Centre applied for a £10,000 grant to assist with the revitalising of the front entrance and foyer to create a welcoming entrance with easier access for people with impaired mobility.

The two existing entrances were very restricting and impractical, the front access was stepped and the lobby area was located in front of the entrance to the toilets; not a pleasant welcome for people attending the centre.

The reception project enabled the revitalising of our building, helping the building match the welcome and support that is received from our staff and volunteers.

When we starting fundraising for the new reception at The High Street Centre it seemed like such a massive task. It took a couple of years but we are very grateful to YOR4Good for the fund assistance they provided. We were just about to begin work when the first lockdown happened which delayed work and we really appreciate all the help and support given by all our funders through this challenging time. 

Thankfully construction was able to begin in July 2020 and we are delighted with the new reception extension which is already providing a safe, accessible space where we can welcome people whilst being socially distanced. 

The new space links really well with the old and is already being used for activities such as Playgroup, Activate Rawmarsh supporting

Caroline Langston, Centre Development Manager

Hunwick Cricket Club, Community Building For All

With the closure and demolition of the Hunswick Public Community Centre, the Hunwick Cricket Club identified the need to create a community building and applied for an £8,000 grant to assist with the construction of a new Community Building For All.

The club’s previous building, a wooden pre-fabricated 1990s school classroom which was uninsulated and had no heating or hot water, no longer had the infrastructure required to cater for everyone in the community. By providing this new community building it has provided a sustainable outlet for the community. The lifespan of this building will be many years into the future meaning it guarantees our longevity and future.

The building will be used by various community groups including  Bishop Auckland Girls Junior Football Club, Hunwick Harriers Athletics Club, Viki’s Cheeky Rascals, Hunwick & Willington Parochial Church Council and Hunwick Primary School. All of these groups (along with Hunwick CC) will use this building in some capacity. In addition, it will benefit Five Palms Ltd who currently use the existing facility. They work with young people who display high levels of disrupting and challenging behaviour and/or those who present a high level of risk to themselves or others. Their aim is to provide sports-based intervention activities, and projects and classroom-based educational sessions that are developmental, innovative and meaningful. The overall long term intention is that these disadvantaged children obtain life skills and working life qualifications. The skills they gain create so many opportunities for disadvantaged children.

The aim is to inspire community integration and for people to socialise further, bringing about community cohesion.

Hunwick Cricket Club applied for funding to YOR4Good and we are overwhelmed at our new facility. The process was extremely easy in terms of the application form and the decision making process was extremely quick (whilst in the midst of the pandemic!). We used our funds to construct a new community building on site which many different community groups could use. The need for this building was heightened since the community centre was demolished 7 years ago meaning many now rely on us to provide community facilities. The grant has been spent on constructing a new welfare/community building which is almost finished. 

We hope to open this building to the community when guidelines permit, however the opportunities this will create are endless. We hope to in

Chris Pratt, Hunwick Cricket Club