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YORbuild3 and YORcivil3

Following our recent news on the procurement of the new YORbuild3 and YORcivil3 frameworks there have been amendments to the dates when these frameworks will be advertised.

YORbuild3 Medium, YORbuild3 Minor and YORcivil3 will offer lots for works up to £10million, complementing the existing YORbuild and YORcivil Major Works frameworks.

View the original news article for an overview of the proposed lotting structures and headline changes in YORbuild3 and YORcivil3.

Revised tender advertisement dates

YORbuild3 Medium: June 2021

YORbuild3 Minor: August 2021

YORcivil3: YORcivil2 has been extended to 2023. Procurement of YORcivil3 will begin in 2022.

These will be advertised on the YORtender and Find a Tender portals.